Our Team

Our team is made up of seasoned DEI practitioners, thought leaders, and those passionate about making a difference.

Firefly inclusion Solutions

We represent a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds—among our ranks, you’ll find everything from PhDs and social workers to former mountaineering instructors and recovering lawyers. What unites us is our willingness to do the work and show up for the hard conversations in order to leave the world better than we found it. 

Design Assistant
San Diego, CA

Lead Producer & Project Coordinator
Chicago, Illinois

Project Coordinator + Producer New York, NY

Operations Director
San Diego, CA

Managing Partner
New York, NY

Managing Partner
Chicago, IL

Founder + Practice Leader
Seattle, WA

Our Team

Berkeley, CA

Astoria, NY

Organizational Development Consultant & Facilitator Melbourne, FL

Coach, Mentor + Facilitator
Chicago, Illinois

The Firefly Brain Trust

São Paulo, Brazil

Transformational Coach & Lead Facilitator
Hampton, VA

Leadership Development Consultant & Facilitator
Madrid, Spain

Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, & Communication Expert
Las Vegas, NV

Organizational Development & Design Thinking Specialist
New York, NY

Instruction Designer/eLearning Developer/ Media Production
Chicago, IL

Global Talent Expert, Facilitator & Consultant
Global Nomad currently based in Latin America

St. Pete Beach, FL

Bangalore, India

Anthropologist, Cross-Cultural Consultant
Bellingham, WA

Colorism Specialist, Facilitator, Consultant, Coach
Chicago, IL

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant
London, UK

Cultural Translator & Polymath in Progress
New York City, NY

Organizational Development Advisor
Copenhagen, DK

Social Justice + Conflict Resolution Expert + Facilitator
Amsterdam, NL

Corporate Social Justice Expert & Consultant
St. Paul, MN