Firefly Inclusion Solutions is a woman-owned and minority-led diversity, equity and inclusion firm that collaborates with employers to achieve courageous growth and change. 

About Us

We have the experience, insight and passion needed to successfully design and deliver high-impact, values-driven people-centered interventions at scale, and across cultures and borders.

To date, we have trained, coached and consulted with:

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Client Perspectives

- SVP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for a global interactive fitness platform

"We have been so grateful for the leadership and support of the Firefly team. Firefly supported our company with unique learning journeys designed to upskill our leaders around allyship, inclusive leadership and a transformation journey with our exec team to help us self-interrogate as well as uncover biases, blind spots and mitigate harmful behaviors that may get in the way of innovation, growth, and our desire to be an anti-racist organization.

“The facilitators met people where they are, and ignited lively, honest and vulnerable conversations, with a side benefit of deepening our team's connection and psychological safety."

– Director of Culture and Learning for a major animation studio

“Firefly not only creates understanding and awareness around the systemic challenges to DEI, they also provide the framework for embedding this work in our day-to-day behavior as leaders, which is critical for actual transformation and impact.”

– Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion for a running shoe and apparel company

Creating equitable, inclusive and anti-racist workplaces isn’t just about knowing better and feeling better, it’s about doing better. To fully transform your organization, equity, inclusion, and allyship must not only be integral to your culture, they must be built into your systems and decision-making processes as well. 

By transforming your organization’s culture, you’ll also unlock better communication, empathy, and collaboration; create the conditions for employees to be their most creative and productive; and better equip your teams to navigate change and uncertainty of all kinds. 

We believe that as leaders evolve and transform, it creates a ripple effect, transforming not only the cultures of the businesses they lead, but also the communities those businesses serve. 

Leaders who can successfully engage across multiple axes of difference are the ones who produce the strongest teams and the best results. We equip your leaders with the skills and self-awareness they need to flexibly adapt to diverse customers, markets, ideas and talent.

In today’s economy, equity and inclusion aren’t just moral imperatives, they’re drivers of competitive advantage, and companies that fail to adapt will be left behind.

Some truths we learned along the way

We authentically include and elevate the voices of the underrepresented, both within and outside of our organization.

We promote societal well-being by growing communities and strengthening the environment.

We push others and ourselves to venture outside our comfort zones by continually learning, growing, and improving how we talk about difficult topics.

We are a dependable partner to our clients, and we leverage the full force of our network to get things done.

What we believe in

How we live our values

Anti-racism, equity and cross-cultural competence work has to start with each of us as individuals. By this we mean the ability to examine, carefully and honestly, our own history, family, fears, biases, decisions and inactions. We continually push ourselves to learn, grow, and take action.

We’re committed to amplifying and promoting the voice of Black and Brown leaders engaged in dismantling traditional power systems and facilitating personal transformation. Learn more about our collaboration partners below.

We stand in solidarity with individuals and communities fighting against systemic racism.

We donate 10% of our profits to organizations that invest in communities, ideas and people engaged in this fight, such as:

which transforms Black communities into constituencies that change the way power operates—locally, statewide and nationally.

which invests in BIPOC-founded and -led technology companies with pre-money valuations less than or equal to USD 10M.

which serves youth and families confronting homelessness, delivering comprehensive services that act as a catalyst to transform lives and communities.

a non-profit, multi-ethnic organization that advocates for social justice, public policy changes, and equal access to services while respecting cultural values and the right to self-determination.

No matter where your organization is on its transformational journey, Firefly can partner with you to develop sustainable solutions that promote inclusion and change. 

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