Susan is a strong believer in pushing boundaries both in the way we co- create a new work environment that fits humans and the future but also in the way we develop and grow as individuals. Her approach of developing organizations and the people combines systemic and individual transformation. Her pursuit: Enabling companies to shape a self-transforming culture that is built on a shared consciousness of the people within!

Having been born in former communist East-Germany, she experienced a dramatic cultural transformation first-hand during her childhood. Combined with the experience of living in the USA as a teenager and having lived in China, France, Australia and Denmark during her adult life, Susan has turned her curiosity and fascination for culture and the effects of group identity into her profession.

She is an organizational psychologist with 12 years of experience in consulting, design thinking and facilitation. Her expertise lies in supporting multinational organizations (e.g. Lego, Bayer, Ford, Chanel, Philips) in designing (blended) learning & development solutions, enabling cultural change and developing global leadership competencies. She thrives in helping organization build their own transformative muscles (top-down and bottom-up) using the newest insights from social neuroscience, behavioral design and new ways of working (e.g. holocracy). She is a certified intercultural trainer, facilitator of personal transformation and experience designer.

For the past years, Susan has been located in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a Partner at Implement Consulting Group, together with her two multicultural kids. 

Organizational Development Advisor
Copenhagen, Denmark

Susan Salzbrenner