– Chief People Officer for a green energy company

“Partnering with Firefly was one of the most impactful things we could have done for our company.”

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a recent client said about working with us:

The best investment you’ll make this year


  • Conducting organizational culture or bias audits
  • Developing and executing diversity and inclusion or culture change strategies
  • Scaling projects and programs globally
  • Acting as an ad-hoc diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) business partner
  • Crafting internal and external DEI messaging and communication campaigns 
  • Assisting with re-imagining and aligning your brand

Our areas of expertise include:

The people and culture space can feel busy with experts promoting the next great “cure” for the issues happening within your organization or community. In our experience, inclusion solutions can often be just as complex as the people problems you’re trying to solve. We can help you gain a better understanding of your organization's unique challenges and how to move forward.


How Firefly can support you

Democratize learning by offering self-led mobile learning options. We offer enterprise-wide, perpetual licenses for program-specific sessions.

We can train and accredit your leaders to facilitate DEI sessions and transformational coaching. We’ll supply all the materials and resources you’ll need. 

We can facilitate live, in-person or remote DEI sessions. 

Includes content creation for new or existing programs, instructional design and/or mobile learning development for a variety of in-person and self-led learning options.


Need help facilitating courageous conversations? Firefly specializes in designing, delivering and scaling high-impact learning interventions for executive leaders, people managers, or individual contributors around the world. We’re experts in leveraging technology and social learning to achieve blended learning outcomes that go beyond a single training experience. 


Leveraging the Integrative Enneagram Assessment and other approaches

Leveraging the Barrett Values Leadership Model

Leveraging the EQ-i 2.0 Workplace

Leveraging the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®)

Options include:

Coaching at Firefly is about co-creating relationships that leave individuals feeling supported in cultivating greater self-awareness, identifying internal and external barriers to achieving organizational goals, and developing greater cross-cultural and emotional competence. Options include:


This program helps leaders, managers and team members build the skills needed to internalize and embed an allyship and advocacy culture into their organizations. 

Advancing Anti-Racism

A six-part program that builds on the key principles of allyship culture. The journey towards allyship and becoming anti-racist is both transformative and reflective, helping participants move from fear to learning, ultimately to growth.

Activating Allyship

The Adaptive Leadership program empowers leaders to advance and embed diversity, equity, and inclusion by focusing on their role as guardians of inclusion. In this session, leaders will gain a greater understanding of their role and impact as leaders and how personal values, identity, and unknown biases can affect their ability to successfully drive a culture of inclusion and change.

Adaptive Leadership

Part 1: Self-Led Online Micro-Learning
Online self-led learning that can be completed in bite-sized pieces over multiple days.

Part 2: Learning Circles
In these sessions, we discuss key reflections and activities covered in the modules. Structured as cohort-based, 60- to 90-minute, instructor-led, discussions-based peer learning circles. 

Part 3: Deeper Learning
Introduce additional support resources for continuous learning with Firefly’s Antiracism Activation Center.

The Equity Mentor is a hybrid learning series that incorporates self-led learning modules and live discussion-based learning circles.

This approach maximizes tight schedules, provides high-volume access across population, and leverages internal champions and change agents to ensure sustained learning. It can also serve as a learning resource for team members who work non-corporate hours and are limited by workload.

Equity Mentor democratizes learning options to ensure accessibility for learners across functions, continents, and levels.

Equity Mentor™

Just-in-Time individual laser coaching sessions on a targeted need
Individual 3–6-month program, with bi-weekly coaching sessions

Individual or Small Group Coaching
Small group (3-4) inclusive leadership coaching sessions

Inclusive leadership is emerging as a unique and critical capability in helping organizations adapt to diverse customers, markets, ideas and talent.

Leaders who know how to engage across differences are the leaders who will take companies into the future with the best results and the strongest teams.

Using emotional intelligence as our framework, our coaching programs focus on helping coaches to identify and address the gaps in their understanding and cultural competence, that are causing them to leave their teams (and the associated revenue, innovation and new ideas with them) behind.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

  • Annual in-person offsite 
  • Two- to three-day in-person experience

The future of DEI is about equipping leaders with the skills and tools to lead from a place of personal transformation as a key strategy for fortifying their business.

Next Level Leadership is a multi-part intensive that trains and accredits leaders, DEIB, and HR practitioners, ERG leaders, facilitators and internal change agents to deliver deeply transformative diversity, equity and inclusion programming.

Based on researched and proven principles of transformation, this experiential program allows practitioners the opportunity to explore the connection between their own personal transformation and the organizational transformation it impacts through their leadership.

The program is offered as an in-person retreat. In this program, you will explore your personal values, fears and beliefs. Our skilled facilitators and coaches, support you in deeper self-reflection and you will leave with a better understanding of who you are as a leader and why.

Next Level Leadership™

We collaborate with you to customize our curriculum to your team’s culture and values, providing a unique experience that helps participants develop the skills needed to become more adaptive, inclusive, or a stronger ally. 


Have a professional development budget through your employer and want to further your adaptive leadership skills? Firefly’s self-led, mobile learning experience can help you CEO your own growth.

Training for individuals

Client Perspectives

– Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion for a running shoe and apparel company

“The Firefly team brings a breadth of experience that allows them to offer tailored and customized programs to support our strategic goals while also pushing and challenging our leadership to take a deeper look at our challenges and opportunities for growth.”

“The time Firefly took to design the curriculum so it was relevant to our work environment definitely paid off in terms of engagement with and impact of the program.” 

– Director of Culture and Learning for a major animation studio

“The Firefly team are highly skilled facilitators with incredibly thoughtful approaches that create safe spaces for our leaders to engage in dialogue on very difficult topics such as race in white supremacy behaviors. These topics aren’t easy!”

– SVP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for a global interactive fitness platform

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