Ellen Morrison is recognized for her anti-racism and racial healing work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and mediator specializing in collaborating with individuals and groups in catalyzing their efforts toward equity, bringing attention to the analysis of power as a core element of interpersonal and organizational change.

Her consultancy is informed by a thirty year career in community mental health centering systems change, inspired by a lineage of movement work and impacted by an intentional personal journey in understanding her relationship to power and privilege. Believing wholeheartedly that the wisdom of our emotional life has a transformative place in DEIB and justice work alongside what we do and how we think, she leads change processes that uplifts our multiple intelligences.

Ellen is known for her skillful and creative facilitation. Her trauma-informed and relational approach contributes to prioritizing the integration of restorative practices including popular education pedagogy to develop curriculum and facilitate experiential learning. She is also known for her artivist leadership painting murals and teaching political poster making. Her community artist spirit lives on in facilitating arts-based practices.

Ellen is also a dedicated martial artist and self-defense instructor, finds joy in painting, is an organizer with SURJ Bay Area, regenerates at the ocean’s edge, and deeply values her time with her chosen and given family.

Berkley, CA

Ellen Morrison