Shane Treadway is a husband, father of two daughters, anthropologist, entrepreneur, and cross-cultural consultant. For over 20 years, he has dedicated his life to cultivating meaningful relationships across extensive cultural boundaries. Shane was born in Southern California and moved to Peru with his wife, Carey, where they spent fourteen years. There, they began a café-library (Café Berea), which acted as the hub for various social development projects. Shane has successfully initiated three non-profits and two for-profit organizations, always leaning on brilliant, diverse teams.

A favorite life season included consulting the Peruvian government in a fair-trade co-op. For five years, he and his family lived in an indigenous agricultural community within the Andes Mountains, helping close gaps between producers and the market. Shane also founded and directed the Latin American office of a 3000-member NGO. Shane’s consulting focuses on the transformation process from fear to fascination in diverse, multicultural relationship-building and professional development contexts. Shane specializes in cultural intelligence growth, design thinking process, cultural schema theory, and anti-racism. He holds a BA in religion and an MA in anthropology from Western Washington University and certifications in cultural intelligence and DEI from Purdue University.

Anthropologist, Cross-Cultural Consultant
Bellingham, WA

Shane Treadway