Tatjana S. San Luis is an unrepentant advocate for social justice, equity and inclusion. Throughout her career journey of 10+ years, she has worked with international and grassroots organizations to boost collaborative action, safe and inclusive workplaces. As a consultant, she has advised and supported various organizations, from youth and women-led businesses to multi-cultural and international organizations, develop sustainable growth strategy, programs, and initiatives that leverage people's different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. Her personal life experiences, being of an ethnic and culturally diverse family, growing up in conflict zones, and migrating across continents, gifts her with a natural ability to navigate ambiguity, exercise flexibility, and communicate effectively across institutional and cultural differences. Her global and local experiences inform her context-driven approach to tackling structural and cultural barriers to workplace equity and inclusion.

Before starting a women-led consultancy, Tatjana built with brave colleagues from across the EMEA region, a multi-cultural organization that spurs purpose-driven startups and youth-led business initiatives in the IT, media, agricultural, academic and cultural sectors. In her leadership position, she instituted the DEI mission of the organization and ensured that its culture of inclusion was reflected in policies and best practices. Tatjana cherishes diversity and bringing different perspectives together to steer transformational processes in organizations. As a mentor and change facilitator, she has worked with diverse leaders from the business, academic, civil society, and government sectors on developing curriculums and training across generational leaders on inclusive leadership, gender mainstreaming and equality, participatory programming, and community engagement.

Tatjana has a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies from the University of East London. She earned her first Masters of Science in Conflict Resolution from SOAS, London University, where she spent time at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, researching identity politics in peacebuilding. More recently, she earned her second Masters of Arts in Management of Cultural Diversity from Tilburg University, Netherlands. She focused her research on hybrid identities and highly skilled migrants' subjective well-being.

Social Justice + Conflict Resolution Expert + Facilitator
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tatjana S. San Luis