Kimberly blends her experience in education and theatre production with her computer expertise and graphic design skills to create successful large- and small-scale education projects. Skilled at blending classroom instruction with online support tools and learner interaction, Kimberly has a flair for using her creative background to build engaging learning that meets the specific needs of adult learners.

As a developer, Kimberly uses storyboards and media assets to construct and publish eLearning products in Articulate Storyline (Storyline 360, Rise), and PowerPoint. Highly skilled at information architecture, Kimberly is able to transform her work with subject matter experts into content that is easily understandable and engaging. A keen eye for detail, she builds learner interactions using variables and advanced features, designs custom quizzes and interactions; performs quality checks and course functionality. Kimberly can create custom graphics (PhotoShop / Illustrator), design corresponding training materials and guides, create reusable templates, and write and organize a wide range of industry-specific content.

Kimberly is astute at using her production skills to blend videos to enhance any project. (Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro/Adobe Elements, whiteboard animations—VideoScribe by Sparkol, sound engineering/editing, screenshots, titles, and more!) A one-stop-shop, Kimberly utilizes her own sound studio to record for commercial and industrial voiceovers, as well as provide on-camera talent.

Residing in a suburb of Chicago, Kimberly has designed, developed, and produced content for a diverse array of national and international clients. Degrees: University of Southern California (BA-Theatre; BA Psychology)

Instruction Designer/eLearning Developer/ Media Production
Chicago, IL

Kimberly Loughlin