Aline Lima, originally from Brazil, is a distinguished professional in the legal field, holding an MBA in Marketing, and specializing in Afro-Latin American and Caribbean studies, as well as social psychology and anthropology. The diversity of her academic background has given her the opportunity to make an impact in various sectors, most notably in her role as Manager of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), and Social Innovation at one of the most renowned cosmetics companies in Latin America.

Passionate about reading, series based on true stories and cats. It makes it worse to experience your leisure time with your friends and family.
Aline's competencies in DEI are highlighted by:

  • A blend of strategy and operations: Aline has the skill to design and implement robust and flexible DEI strategies that can adapt to a wide range of complex organizational structures.
  • Broad partnerships and guidance: She works closely with business leaders and Human Resources teams to foster a culture and processes that truly promote inclusion.
  • Development and implementation of training projects and programs with a glocal (global and local) focus, emphasizing different aspects of DEI, such as race, gender, culture, and disability, with special attention to social and emotional intelligence.

In addition, as a certified Jungian Analyst, Aline further enhances her ability to understand, communicate, and promote strategies that encourage diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

São Paulo, Brazil


Aline Lima